Out of ideas? Stressed out by a mess? Need a break from screen time? Art Play Dates are the answer!


We will handle the mess from start to finish, and guide children through a play-based art experience together. We are happy to incorporate your child’s interest into specially curated invitations to create. Whether your child has an important friend, and you're looking to enhance their time together- or if your child has a difficult time socializing and could benefit from a guided play experience with a familiar pal; Art Play Dates are WONDERFUL opportunities for children to engage in play intentionally!

Art Play Dates are $25.00 per child per 60 minutes. A maximum of 4 children may participate.

Art Play Dates include:

Art Play Dates include:

- 1 open-ended, collaborative and play-based invitation to create based on your child's interests and tailored to their age

- 1 mystery bag of materials that children can choose to explore throughout their creative experience.

- 1 surprise sensory bin 



* Children might not create anything representational during their play date, but rather- create for the sake of creating and experience the magic of making together!


* This is a lightly parented experience. Children must never be dropped off at an Art Play Date. Please stay nearby, to supervise your children. Remain vigilant and responsible for their needs and safety. I will handle the art, the mess, the play, the language! Tears, frustration, potty breaks, and other needs must be handled by a loving, familiar caregiver. Play dates are meant to be safe spaces for children to express themselves creatively and collaboratively.